Why you should not FLUSH TOILET after peeing! So many people don’t know this

Why you should not FLUSH TOILET after peeing! So many people don’t know this.

Even though flushing the toilet after peeing is in a way mandatory, there are a lot of people who exaggerate and do this all the time. So, if you’re also a person who constantly flushes the toilet, you should know that this habit is not good. The problem is that when you flush the toilet germs are spreading from the toilet bowl.

What we want to say is that if you want to avoid this, read the following article and learn some new tricks that will protect you from germs and still allow you keep the toilet hygiene on a high level.

What you need to know is that you mustn’t flush the toilet for no reason. If you haven’t been at the bathroom it means that the toilet is clean. Also don’t flush the toilet twice for “just in case”.

This way you are not doing good, but completely the opposite. The first flush was just enough, and the second one was for nothing, and germs were spread in the toilet.

Another tip that is important for you to know is that you should always try to close the lid from the toilet and then flush the toilet. This way you will prevent the exposure to harmful substances and germs in your toilet.

Cleaning your bathroom frequently, has also positive effect on the hygiene maintenance.

As least, keep your toothbrush away from the toilet bowl, and never near the toilet. The reason can’t be more simple. If you keep it near the toilet bowl, you will contribute to the entrance of dirty particles in it which later you will put in your mouth.

If you listen to these advice, you will improve the hygiene of your bathroom, your personal hygiene and you will be healthier than before, for sure.

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