Why you should always wash your brand new clothes before you wear them

Shrinkage. Fading. Lack of time. There are too many reasons in the world for us to forego washing our newly bought clothes, and too few (visible) reasons for us to actually do so.

However, if you’ve always dismissed the practice because your clothes will end up in the wash after you wear them anyway, you might want to reconsider that now.

Here are 3 reasons to toss the new clothes you snagged from the rack into the washing machine before sliding them on.

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1. New clothes are home to pathogens and germs

After the clothes are made in the factory, they are packed and sent from one place to another through various modes of transport before they reach the store. It is difficult to trace down exactly where the cloth was made, where it was kept and how it was transported. In this entire process, your new garment might have come in contact with several pathogens and germs. You cannot see these microscopic organisms but that does not mean that they do not exist. So, it is better to clean your clothes before donning them for your own safety.

2. Chemicals used in the colours

Different types of chemicals are used for first making the fabric and then dyeing them in specific colours. All these chemicals when comes in contact with skin can cause itching and redness. Moreover, sweating and friction can cause disperse dye to leach out of clothing, which might also react with the skin, causing allergies.

3. Several people might have tried the clothes

In big apparel stores where clothes are kept on display, people first try the dress and then buy it to make sure it fits them perfectly. When we buy clothes from there you can never be sure how many people before you would have tried it. The dead skin and germs from their skin might be present on the clothes when you wear them. This can lead to dermatitis, itching and redness.

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