Why Married Men Fall In Love With Other Women

Why Married Men Fall In Love With Other Women

We talk about eight likely reasons why a man would be ready to risk his married life:

1. He can’t handle tears

A man may find his wife’s screaming extremely disturbing and unsettling. It often puts him in a place, making him feel guilty, responsible, and weak. Once a man feels uncomfortable around tears, he begins to find ways to get away from all the whining. Thus, creating a distance between him and his significant other.

2. The lure of forbidden fruit

Many times, a husband ends up cheating on his wife just because he is off limits. He may just be lured by the high of indulging in something forbidden and sinful, not realizing what is at stake.

3. He wants something new to break the monotony.

Yes, there is such a thing as having TOO MUCH stability in a relationship. He may be a drama queen inside and hates the fact that his marriage is too safe and easy. He may start looking for affairs just to shake things up a bit; to add more excitement to your lives.

4. He feels undervalued

You may not be giving him the gratitude and appreciation he needs to feel secure in your marriage; and as a result, he will look for it in someone else. And it’s unfortunate that he finds a woman who is willing to give him those things.

5. Going Back to Adolescence

Married men reach a stage where they can make their spouse feel like a parent – whether it’s making excuses for staying out late, being overprotective over the phone, or rebelling against the duties of a committed relationship. Husbands usually struggle during this phase of second adolescence, sometimes leading them to pull away.

6. He May Show Signs of Narcissism

More often than not, partners who cheat lack empathy. Whenever a husband cheats, he has a touch of narcissistic quality in his personality. He does not think about the consequences of his actions on his loved ones. Because at that moment, he is more concerned with seeking his own happiness, even if it is at the cost of hurting others.

7. He is not happy with himself.

Maybe he thinks he just made a mistake. That happens. Maybe the marriage didn’t live up to his expectations and he doesn’t feel fulfilled at all. Maybe he is just trying to make the most of an unhappy situation by staying married to you; but looking for love and meaning elsewhere.

8. He wants an independent woman

A man feels strong when his wife depends on him for little things like opening the jar lid or fixing the kitchen light. However, a husband feels happier and more relaxed when his significant other has her own life-whether she has her own job, is hanging out with her own set of friends, or breezes through some household chores like a professional.

Couples can decide to move forward after an affair, either together or apart. It depends on the individual’s value system, their ability to forgive, and their patience to work through their differences. However, what is essential is to communicate openly with each other and learn from it.

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