Why love fades away after some few years in marriage

Why love fades away after some few years in marriage

As we all know, marriage is the union of a man and a woman to become Husband and Wife. Many people wonder why love fades after a few times in marriage. In this article I explain to you why love fades after a few years of marriage.

1. Character

The character of the two partners is very important. Sometimes the aroma of food does not determine the taste. At first we feel that it is a nice and great food, but we wait until we taste it and then we can judge.

2. Money

Money can make love sweet at first sight. With money, love can be tricked and once the desire is achieved, it fades.

3. Inpatient

When both sides don’t have enough patience to study each other.

4. Spirit of the heart

When the heart is not understood, when the heart does not love and is not seduced by the main appearance, when beauty has deceived the heart and overpowered the heart, love will not last.

In conclusion

Learn to love without gift, learn to love without appearance, learn to love without seduction, learn to love without money, learn to love without position, power and influence, learn to love without deception, learn to love with the heart and you will never wish to live without the one your heart has chosen to love.

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