Why Do Married Men Fall In Love With Other Woman?

Ever since childhood, we feed on the notion of fairy-tale-like marriages and happily-ever-afters. But, seldom do these dreams come true. Sooner or later, the brutal reality hits us and shatters the dream. As time passes, a relationship built with passion and love can go haywire.

Even in the most perfect of marriages, one faces situations that may test their relationship. Many a time, the husband ends up falling in love with another woman, making him doubt the credibility of his marriage.

The question of why a man would c.h.e.a.t has often disturbed a woman. People c.h.e.a.t for a multitude of reasons and relationships are complex in themselves; not that it can be an excuse for a partner to c.h.e.a.t. Here, we talk about eight probable reasons why a man would be ready to risk his married life

1. Men adore playing

He might be looking for someone who could be carefree and spontaneous. Marriage can put a lot of responsibility but he will still look for a woman who could be playful at times to break the tension, stress, and boredom.

2. He Is Looking For A Change

After a few years into the marriage, a man can find himself feeling bored of the status quo (existing state of affairs). The stability of the relationship might make him feel stagnant instead of secure. In an effort to spice up his life, he might stray in search of an extramarital affair.

3. He Is Looking For Someone Who Understands

Generally, men find it hard to express themselves. Hence, it is important for them to find an understanding life partner; someone who will be there for them through their thick and thin. If a husband fails to find a non-judgmental and understanding friend in his life partner, he begins looking for it elsewhere.

4. He wants an independent woman

Despite having a commitment, men want a woman whose world does not only revolve around them as soon as they tied the knot. As ironic as it sounds but men has the tendency to chase something he can’t ever have.

5. He wants a happy woman

Yes, they want to make women happy but when the marriage gets in a hopeless situation he seeks to make another woman happy He’s seeking to make someone else happy because he doesn’t think he can do the same for you.

6. He is looking for something you don’t have

Sometimes there will come a time that men would realize that the woman that they marry isn’t really the one they are looking for. Yes, it’s awful but it happens in reality which led men to cheat and find the woman that they really want to be with and unfortunately, it is someone different from you.

7. He Feels Underappreciated

A man always wishes for his wife to be happy in life. He will put in efforts to make her feel cherished and secure. However, if his significant other fails to appreciate and value this quality, he feels a void. With doubts about his marriage yielding any happiness at all, he starts seeking another partner.

8. He hates tears

A selfish reason is that men cheat because they hate feeling guilty and responsible for your pain and suffering so instead of dealing with it every day, they turn and run away from such drama.

Although these reasons are hard to read and to believe we have to accept the fact that men and women are totally different and remember that genuine behavior the key to a long-lasting relationship.

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