Who Broke the Vase? An Unique Mind Test!

Who Broke the Vase?

All you have to do is answer a simple question after looking at this picture: Who broke the Vase?

There are no clues or any definitive elements in the picture that would reveal the answer to you.

Keep in mind, there is no correct answer.

Still, you’ve got to choose one and we’ll tell you what it says about your personality.

Child A

Child A seems to be the most obvious choice.

The others are looking down on him and he’s bowing his head in remorse for his actions.

However, he might also be the one who gets the blame every time.

He might be the group’s typical scapegoat that everyone points their fingers at whenever there’s a lack of evidence.

Maybe he’s actually the most humble one and often takes the blame for someone else.

It is also possible that the child in the picture is illustrated in a way to make us believe that he’s the culprit but in reality, he’s not.

But anyway as we said earlier, there’s not one exact answer here. We’re going tell you about your personality based on this choice.

Based on your choice, it seems like you look at the minute details and are a responsible person.

You’re very careful with everything and everyone in your surroundings.

If you chose another option, keep reading.

Child B

The next option is Girl B.

She looks like the eldest of all the kids and probably takes care of her little siblings when their mom is busy or not around.

She’s looking at Boy A in a way that assures he’s the culprit.

It’s possible that this is her winning smile after successfully making him the scapegoat.

On the other hand, there are people who might think that she’s looking at the boy with a comforting and understanding look, smiling to show her affection without judging.

If you chose this option, you’re a very conscientious person.

You believe in understanding a person before judging them and you seek justice but don’t fail to comfort someone in need with love.

You’re not the type of person who leaves their friends in trouble.

You understand a person’s problem along with your own which gives you logical reasoning and problem-solving common sense.

If you’ve chosen Girl B then these are the qualities you may very well possess.

What if you chose Child C?

Child C

Child C is the most covert of them all.

He has secretive body language: look how he keeps his hands in his pockets as if he’s trying to hide his emotions.

It looks like he’s thinking, “Huh! Only he’s stupid enough to do this.”

What Child C is actually thinking is, “Yeah! I did it but I’ll get away with this now since everyone is blaming you.”

Have you chosen Child C? Keep reading to learn what this reveals about your personality.

If you have chosen Child C and you think he is hiding his emotions as the circumstances favor him, then you possess the personality of a leader.

You can recognize problems caused by people, not circumstances.

That’s why you’re always careful with the people around you, though you don’t show it often. Y

ou believe in leading the way and that’s why you hold unique opinions of your own on almost every topic.

Now the only possible culprit left is the last and possibly the youngest in the family.

Have you chosen her as the person who broke the vase?

Child D

Child D approaches her mom while grabbing her apron showing us that she’s most likely afraid of the broken vase and the consequences that will come if she’s the culprit.

She’s the only one apart from her mother who’s looking at the vase.

Everyone else is looking at other places.

The little daughter hides close to her mother (the executioner), trying to avoid her anger and penalty.

From a psychological point of view, choosing Child D proves that you’re a responsible and reliable person.

That is one of the qualities that makes you successful at everything you do in life.

Every day you strive to be a better person by keeping your faults and shortcomings in your mind.

You trust others easily and that’s why you’re very sensitive.

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