White Couple Adopts 5 Black Foster Kids So They Won’t Be Separated

Couple adopts 5 siblings to keep them together

A white Cincinnati couple made everyone cry when they decided to adopt 5 black children who are also siblings to keep them apart. They don’t want their kids to grow up apart.

One of the realities of siblings being placed in foster care is that children can be separated, and some may never even find a home or family to adopt them. .

William and Julie, who have no biological children but have been adoptive parents for a decade, decided to adopt the five siblings they had raised between 2014 and 2016.

The children, all born to the same mother, were placed in foster care because the environment was deemed inappropriate for their age.

Will and Julie Rom expanded their family to a party of seven when they adopted William, 12; Truth, 9; Maryahana, 6; Keyora, 3 and KJ, 2 on Thursday.

The Roms have no children of their own, but they’ve been foster parents for a decade and they have fostered the siblings for the past three years.

William couldn’t be more excited to be a dad.

“All my life really all I’ve wanted to do is have some sons to play sports with, and everything is going great,” he said.

He also said his wife is a wonderful mother.

is wife, Julie, has switched jobs to be closer and spend more time with the children. The couple also moved from a three-bedroom apartment to a larger five-bedroom home to better accommodate their children.

William claims the kids are already part of their family because they’ve been fostering them for years but adopting them is just a way to make things official.

Julie said her family has moved into a five bedroom home, and she has switched career paths so she can stay home with her kids.

The ceremony was held Thursday morning at Judge Ralph Winkler’s courtroom at Hamilton County Probate Court in Room A on the 10th floor.

Judge Ralph Winkler, who presided over the matter, praised them for having adopted all five children at once. He pointed out that it would have been foolish and heartbreaking for the children to be separated and that William, Julie and the foster system were also being helped by them. Judge Winkler :

“You’re helping the whole community by adopting five children, but you’re also supporting the system by encouraging other people to do it, saying it can be done. It’s not impossible.”

Ann Boyle, who was also present at the hearing, was a former teacher to the two oldest boys. She was happy to be there and cried as she thanked her parents.

They were also accompanied by their children Be delighted They were both happy with the outcome and all smiled at the prospect of being together forever. This is not the only touching adoption story.

Two brothers who were raised in separate foster homes received the best surprise of their lives in 2018 when they were adopted by the same family. They had been living in different homes for a long time and feared they would have to be separated.

They would see each other occasionally, but they were soon separated. However, all that changed when a father-of-one saw the brothers and was immediately drawn to them.

They were adopted by Dr. Robert Beck, a nice man. The two brothers never saw it coming as they thought they were only in court for photo ops, but it turned out they were at their adoption hearing.

The brothers got to live together as well as a bonus sibling. Their story is just like William and Julie’s. Hopefully, more cases like this one will occur.


Source:wcpo.com, ustimetoday.com

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