What You Should Do Immediately When A Fish Bone Gets Stuck In Your Throat

Swallowing a fishbone accidentally is very common because these fish bones, especially the thorny bones, are so small that they can be easily overlooked while chewing. Because of their sharp edges of the thorns and different shapes or textures, fishbones more likely get stuck in the throat than other foods.

If a fishbone gets stuck in the throat, then you will know how painful it is, if not, know that it can not be worse than anything else. However, the good news is that there are many common ways to get rid of a fishbone stuck in the throat.

What You Should Do Immediately When A Fish Bone Gets Stuck In Your Throat

1. Cough as loud as you can

This is the immediate action one must perform if you suspect fish bone gets stuck in your throat. Coughing creates a pressure from your stomach to your mouth, throwing away the stuck fish bone in your throat.

2. Drink Salt Water

Drink some lukewarm water with a pinch of salt, this should help dislodge the bone and help you swallow it.

3. Eat a Piece of Bread Dipped in Warm Water

Pull off a piece of bread and dunk it in warm water or milk. Ball up the bread and swallow it whole. The fish bone should stick to the texture of the bread and bring it down your gullet.

4. Drink Soda Water

Some medical experts have been using cola and other carbonated beverages to get food out of the throat for years. When this drink enters the stomach, it releases gases, which help to break the fork and create enough pressure to remove it from its place.

5. Sip Some Vinegar

Dilute some vinegar with water and sip it down to try and dislodge the bone. Some people say that this method can even help to dissolve the bone.

6. Use olive oil

Using olive oil is also a good home remedy to take out fish bone out of your throat. If you put a little amount of olive oil in your mouth or your child’s mouth it will help fish bone slip inside your stomach which isn’t dangerous thing.

7. Use Marshmallow

Though it may sound strange, a large, soft, sticky marshmallow may help to remove the thorns from the throat. For this, chew the marshmallow until it becomes soft and then swallow its stickiness will pull the fork with it and bring it to the stomach.

8. Eat Banana

Like marshmallows, bananas can be helpful in getting a thorn stuck in the throat into the stomach. Put a large piece of banana in your mouth for at least a minute, which will collect some amount of burning saliva, and then swallow it.

When does to visit the doctor?

Sometimes a fishbone does not move and a doctor should be consulted. If this thorn gets stuck somewhere in the esophagus, then it can be a real danger, which increases the risk of various complications. If the discomfort is severe or the thorn stays in the same place for several days, consult a doctor, while chest pain, swelling, wheezing and if it is impossible to eat, seek immediate medical attention.

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