What You See First Will Show Something You Need To Change About Your Life

Take a look at this image. What is the very first thing you noticed? If you noticed more than one thing, try closing your eyes and focus on one aspect of the image you just saw. What do you remember most? Go with that answer.

If you see:

1. The Trees

Trees are a symbol of growth and prosperity. They seek the knowledge, advice and guidance of those you admire and grow as a person. They are goal-oriented and feel better when a task is completed. Learn to appreciate the little things in peace, as much as the things you work hard for. It’s great to have ambitions, but do not let them dictate your life.

2. The Cage

Sometimes you feel lost. It’s as if you had gone round in circles recently, talking to brick walls. You feel that something or someone is holding you back, but you can not identify exactly what it is (or who). Stop being influenced from the outside. It’s your life and it’s time to live it as you want. Let go of the irons and open your wings, it’s time to fly!

3. The Lumberjack

In life, it seems like you solve problems without hesitation. All the problems that come to mind are solved head on and we do not think much about it. This can have unpleasant consequences. Although you assume full responsibility for your actions, it would be good not to apologize so often. Think before you fall into things and be patient with what life brings you. Life is short, but if you go through, you will miss the best parts.

4. The Path

The path represents movement, progress and trust. It means that you have something in sight and that you can not be distracted by something. You have defined a path for a specific goal and do not take the time to do anything or someone who might ask you to do something else. Remember that you do not live this life alone, and there are people who follow a path similar to you. At some point, let her run by your side and you will realize how nice it can be to have a confident friend.



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