What to Do If You’re Choking and Nobody Is Around to Help

Choking is a life-threatening event. Without the proper action serious consequences can occur. So, it’s important to train people how to recognize, respond to and prevent a choking emergency. To eliminate choking d.e.a.t.h.s, we need to prepare people for choking emergencies.

Imagine? you begin to choke; you can’t breath, your lips start to turn blue and you’re alone. Would you know what to do?

It’s a scary situation whether you’re in a room full of people or alone at home. But there is a fast and effective solution: the Heimlich Maneuver.


The first thing you should do is avoid panic and call the emergency phone number. Just leave your phone off the hook, the dispatcher will send someone to help even if they hear no talking on the other end. Then, try coughing hard to get the object out. If you can make at least some sounds, it means that your airways are not entirely blocked. Don’t drink water because it can make the situation worse. Do the Heimlich maneuver on yourself.

– Make a fist and place your thumb below your chest and above your belly button.

– With your other hand, grab your fist. Quickly push it to the upper part of the belly with a quick movement upward.

– If this doesn’t help, lean on the chair back with your belly (any object with a thin surface at the height of the waist will do), squeeze one hand and put it on the upper part of the belly, then grab the fist with your other hand. Push against the fist to get the object out. Repeat until you can breathe again.

Jeff Rehman method


– Sit on all fours with your knees and fists on the floor.

– Throw your arms in front of you and above your head with a quick movement.

– Fall on the floor with your belly and chest as hard as you can.

– Repeat until you can breathe normally again.

After you use these methods, see a doctor because the methods are quite traumatic and there’s a chance you may damage your internal organs.

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