What Men Really Think of Women Making the First Move

May you be sitting there wondering what to do about your crush? Do you make the first move and go to him if he won’t come over to you. Many women might not know this, but most men are just as shy and insecure as women. Just like women wait for the men to come to them, men are waiting for you to make the first move. Who said that men had to make the first move anyways?

What Men Really Think

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The truth is, when you make the first move as a woman, this does not mean that you necessarily have to throw yourself at your man. Simply looking at him and smiling is more than enough to let him know that you acknowledge him and are a friendly person. It is up to him to take your signal and work from there if he is interested in you as well. If your crush does not get the hint, you can always try talking to him and flirting and see what his response is. Although this may sound surprising, men get turned down more often by women than women do by men. In fact, men find it hot when a woman is forward and upfront with them.

Why Women Should Make the First Move

There has always been a stupid tradition that women are not supposed to ask the guy out or approach him first. How is a man supposed to know if you are interested in him if you do not drop any hints? It can be very awkward for a man to walk up to a female without knowing anything about her and just make a move without even knowing how she will be. This is the reason why men are more attracted to the outspoken and friendly females.

Men are usually handed the responsibility of initiating dates while women get the responsibility of appearing open enough for a man to come up to her and say something. Don’t sit around and wait for men to come to you, go out and pick your man! Be bold, confident, flirty, and upfront. Men will love it, guaranteed.

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