What it means when a Man Tickle your Palm during Handshake

What it means when a Man Tickle your Palm during Handshake

Most of the time we get different types of handshake without having little or no knowledge of what it really implies, but in this writing we would be focusing on (finger rubbing after handshake) See image for better understanding.

If you have recently noticed a guy / friend tickling your hand with his finger and you are wondering why he did that and the message he is trying to get across, then this article will be beneficial for you.

What does it mean to tickle your palm during a handshake.

There are few different reasons why a man might tickle your palm after a handshake.

1. He is attracted to you

When a man is attracted to you, he tends to do it, especially when he only does it to you. All you have to do is observe his body language and get the obvious fact.

2. He wants more than friendship.

In a situation where you have been friends for some time and he rubs your finger, you simply know that he has started to see beyond friendship.

3. He wants to see your reaction.

This may be as a result of he has been attracted to you, but not so sure what your reaction will be. He does it practically in the hope that you will understand the message and possibly see the reaction from his angle.

On this note, there are many reasons that could be connected to hand tickling during the handshake, but they all pointed in one direction, “HE IS INTERESTED IN YOU”.

In your opinion, what does that mean? Share with us everything you have heard about the handshake.


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