What Happens to Your Body When You Sleep 8 Hours a Day

Hectic lifestyle and stressful work schedules have led to a gradual reduction in the average amount of hours that people sleep and this pattern is seen extensively amongst full-time employees who frequently complain about poor health without even realizing that inadequate sleep is the culprit

Sleeping for less than 6 hours a day and still having sufficient energy to perform day-to-day activities is not something to brag about. Just like, food, water, and oxygen, sleep too plays a very important role in the existence of life. Lack of sleep is associated with cardiac problems, obesity and even early d-e-m-i-s-e.

Research shows that most people need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep to function optimally. Sleeping less and being awake for several hours during the day is not a testament to your physical strength and endurance but a silent indication that your health is deteriorating.

Keep reading below to discover what happens to your body when you sleep 8 hours a day.

1. It increases your focus

Lack of sleep can decrease your concentration span because your brain didn’t have enough time to rest which means that you can be paying less attention during class or work, which makes you less productive during the day.

Sleeping 8 hours a day will help you learn new skills faster, remember more things and understand things a whole lot better, it will help you get that A+ or that promotion you’ve been eyeing.

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2. It helps with your mood

Did you ever wake up feeling grumpy and not wanting to talk to anyone before that first cup of coffee? Sometimes even that cup of coffee doesn’t help and you just keep doping your body with more caffeine the whole day hoping for your mood to change but you just keep feeling like setting the entire world on fire and laugh hysterically as it burns to ashes along with Becky from the office who never compliment any outfit you wear! Same.

But anyway, Studies have shown that people who sleep 8 hours a day are happier professionally and personally, everyone wants more positivity in their life. Happier mood means happier relationships, so no more petty fights with bae and no more arguing over stupid things. You’ll be able to enjoy your love life to the fullest and keep that beautiful relationship going. All rainbows and sunshine.

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3. It helps with your skin

Did you ever wake up late for work that you didn’t get time to put on that bit of makeup that you do everyday to hide your small imperfections, that concealer, that foundation and that blush. And while you’re rushing into your office with your wrinkled clothes you find out today is a holiday and it just makes you want to also set the entire world on fire and watch it burn?

Also, same. Well, having 8 hours sleep everyday makes your skin look much brighter, healthier and with the right hydration you can say goodbye to those dark circles and throw away that concealer because you won’t need it anymore. There you have it more rest, healthier skin, more bucks in your wallet.

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4. It helps with your weight

Do you want to gain or lose those few more pounds you’ve been struggling with? maybe you should try sleeping 8 hours a day and see how that will change your life.

Having a healthy lifestyle helps you control your weight more so you can schedule what to eat and where to eat it and it also helps with your appetite.

5. It helps with your heart

Physically of course, having 8 hours of sleep a day improves your heart rate and decreases your chances of getting heart diseases when you’re older. It also decreases your chances of having heart attacks because sleep makes you less stressed. Therefore, it regulates your blood pressure and it is also believed to stabilize your cholesterol levels.

So, if clear skin, a healthier body, and a happy relationship didn’t convince you yet to sleep more, I am sure reducing the risk of heart attacks will because nobody wants to die. Sleep more and keep your heart safe physically… And the emotional heart will soon follow suit.

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6. It helps your immune system

Studies have shown that people who sleep more tend to have a stronger immune system because they are healthier, and a stronger immune system means stronger defense mechanisms that can fight new infections and bacteria more efficiently and keep your organs safe. From a simple cold to something more serious, sleeping more is a way to prepare your body and help it fight any infection.

So now that we’ve seen how a good night sleep can make you happy, healthy and literally save your life without you even knowing it. Why don’t you put down the gadget on your hand right now; whether it’s a phone, laptop, or joystick, and go to sleep!

Count backwards to ten for me in the comments down below and whoever sleeps at the earliest number gets a cookie!

7. It helps with your health

If it’s not already too obvious, more sleep equals a healthier body. Studies have shown that people who sleep less than 8 hours a day tend to have higher blood sugar because their bodies process the glucose slower than people who sleep 8 hours a day, and if you don’t know it yet, people who have high blood sugar levels too frequently will get -surprise, surprise- diabetes.

So, let me put it to you this way, if you want to avoid having a chronic disease, I’d suggest you put your phone down and sleep but not now, after you finish reading this article of course.

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