What Happens To Your Body When You Don’t Poop Every Day !

An essential prerequisite for good health is having regular bowel movements. Poop is predominantly made up of water, bacteria and indigestible vegetable fibre, it also contains things we want to get rid of – waste, toxins and hormones. These are vital for the body to remove to stay happy and healthy.

However, people all over the world have a misconception about the regularity of bowel movements. Having bowel movements three times a day or three times a week (if that is the routine) is considered regular. Irregularity in bowel movements can often lead to constipation and it is something that should never be ignored. It not only affects our health but also affect our overall being in ways that are unexpected. Let us take a look at 5 things that happen to your body when you don’t poop.


Our body recycles our waste and hormone byproducts, which leads to toxic build-up in the bowel.

An unclean bowel leads to unclean circulating blood and as a result unclean tissues and organs. This weakens the health of our organs and as a result they do not function as well as they are designed to.


When too much pressure is used from straining to get poop out we can develop bowel pockets, where the lining of the colon bulges and food and contents collect there. These pockets are called diverticula and can be a house for fermenting, rotting food and other contents.

Pathogen growth.

Rotting food in the bowel and the development of diverticula can stimulate the growth of dangerous pathogens such as parasites, bacteria and fungus.

Leaky gut.

Toxins can weaken the bowel wall and cause a leaky gut. As the name states, the intestinal lining becomes “leaky” allowing undigested food, proteins, toxins, cholesterol and fats to pass through into the bloodstream and lymph where they go on to affect the health of other organs, especially those that are weak.

Poor energy.

Toxicity leads to poor oxygen delivery in the body. Without oxygen, our energy levels are depleted. An exhausted body does not remove toxins well. And the vicious cycle begins again!

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