What happens to you when sleeping next to a person you love

Cuddles, snuggles, pillow fights, and deep thoughts are some of the most relaxing yet fun moments that you can have with your partner. But the list does not end here. Do you know there are many health benefits of sleeping next to someone you love? It’s true. Most people struggle with sleep issues like insomnia or nightmares, but embracing your loved ones can help you have better sleep. Here are some health benefits to sleeping next to someone you love, as scientists explain.

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1.People are most real in bed. No makeup, no trying to look polished for the world. In bed, everything is raw and vulnerable, you see each other for who you really are.

2. In case of nightmares, you can k1ss and comfort each other with a cuddle. In case of sweet dreams, you can narrate it as you k1ss.

3. It is a sign of trust. You trust your spouse and that’s why you can close your eyes and feel safe in the privacy of your bedroom.

4. You can fall asleep faster Research has shown that human beings sleep faster when they are in the company of their partners. Tuning out can be difficult when you are in bed alone but your partner will change things. It will not take you hours in bed before you sleep when your loved one is around

5. When the bed at home is warm and peaceful, the temptation to share a bed outside with another or to be unfaithful is non-existent.

6. A warm marital bed means the entire home will reflect the warmth. Sleeping on the same bed builds the love you have for each other.

7. A wise lady never chases her hubby from the bed when she is mad at him, she knows that the more he is pushed away from their bed, the further they grow apart.

8. Lowers body inflammation – Persons who sleep next to their loved ones are less likely to suffer from issues to do with inflammation. When you sleep with someone you treasure, there is a reduction in the production of cytokines in your body hence reduced levels of inflammation in the long run.

9. A wise man always makes sure the bed is a haven of intimacy and love for his wife. For if it is not well for her in bed, nothing will be well. If her head lays on the pillow hurting and she struggles to sleep, the whole house will be dull. A loved up wife brightens the home.

10. Slows down your ageing – Scottish neuropsychologist David Weeks wrote in the book “Secrets of the Superyoung” that sharing a bed with someone you love and having regular quality cuddle time and l.o.v.e.m..a.k.i.n.g can make you look 10 years younger, too. Besides, when you’ve got lower stress levels, your body naturally feels a lot younger.

11. Lowers body pressure – One of the reasons to sleep next to your partner is lowering blood pressure. A research conducted at the University of North California revealed that women who slept with their partners in bed are less likely to suffer from blood pressure compared to those who sleep solo.

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