Wear high heels without feeling any pain. Here’s simple trick for you!

High-heels are a woman’s favorite shoes, mainly because they give an elegant look and they make their body slimmer and longer.

But behind the beauty and attention they provide, high heels hide pain because the foot stays in a very uncomfortable position.

We are sure that more then once your legs were in great pain after sitting a whole day in high heel.

Fortunately for you, we know a trick that will help you stay long periods on high heels without causing pain. In addition, it will also make wearing this type of shoes a challenge.

The main ingredient you need is tape, either skin colored or transparent; it depends on the type of high heel you wear.

Here is what you need to do:

Cut some tape and bandage your middle and ring finger of your feet.
Add as many layers as needed so that the two fingers stay stick to each other.
Put the high heels on and let the party begin.

The main reason for which we tape the fingers is because they are the cause of pain. Every time you make a step on the high heel, your fingers are separated, producing discomfort. With this trick, you will forget about pain and you will wear high heel without fear. It really works.

This secret to reduce pain while wearing heels is so good, you’re going to want to share it. Womans Wear Daily recommends taping your third and fourth toes (counting from the big toe) together to alleviate pain from wearing high heels. Sound crazy? The proof is in the science: there’s a nerve that splits between those two toes, which causes pain when pressure is put on it (like when you wear heels). The tape helps to remove strain on the nerve.


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