Two Husbands Talk To Each Other. –


There are two nine story buildings neighboring each other.

One neighbor yells to the other neighbor of the opposite building:

“Hey Michael, when is your birthday?” One neighbor yells to the other neighbor.

“May, Why do you ask Alex?” The second neighbor asks in return.

“Because I know exactly a gift for you.”

“ok, and what will it be?”

“Since we can see everything every time your wife blows you, I’ll be more than happy to provide you with window curtains.”

“Fine, and when is your birthday?” The second neighbor asks the other neighbor’s first question.

“July, why do you ask Michael?”

“It seems to me that I found a perfect gift for you as well.”

“And what will it be?”

“Binoculars of course. That way you would finally be able to recognize whose wife that woman is.”




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