Two Friends Are Walking In A Park. –


Two friends are walking in a natural park.

At some point, they see a very rare and beautiful squirrel.

“Should we take it with us?” Says one of the two.

“Yes, but hide it in your underpants in case we meet a ranger.”

So the guy puts the squirrel in his underpants and they keep walking.

Right outside the park, they meet an actual ranger, who says:

“Hello guys, have you taken something from the park?”

“No, we didn’t.”

And in the meantime, the guy with the squirrel makes some weird noises.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes of course.”

And the poor guy makes some other noises.

The ranger is about to leave when the latter screams loudly in pain and takes the squirrel out of his pants.

The two friends are arrested and, brought to a prison.

“You idiot! Why the hell did you take the squirrel out?”

“Listen to me. It started biting the nuts, but I held up. It tried to get into the hole, but I held up. But when it tried to take the nuts into the holes, I just lost it!”




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