Two awesome strangers brought gifts for a newborn baby after receiving a misdirected text

Two awesome strangers brought gifts for a newborn baby after receiving a misdirected text

Mark and Lindsey Lashley welcomed their first child, a son, on Saturday in Bainbridge, and during all the excitement at the hospital they realized their family had included a wrong number on a text message announcement about the birth.

“My mom sent a group message and she attached my cousin’s cell phone number, but my cousin had changed her number, and that’s how the wrong number deal happened,” Mark Lashley told TODAY. “She was so excited about us having a baby, she thought she was talking to my cousin.”

But the wrong number actually belonged to a young man named Dennis Williams, who decided against ignoring the mistake and instead made plans to visit the family.

And just like that, the Williams brothers arrived at the hospital with gifts and well-wishes for the new mom and dad.

The following note from the Lashley family was posted on Williams’ Facebook page praising the brothers’ kindness and generosity for providing a small token to a family they didn’t even know a few hours beforehand.

The best sentiment from the Lashleys:

“If we all only had this kind of heart.”

This hilarious and heartwarming story is going viral for all the right reasons.
Plenty of stats and polls point to a depressing truth: Our world is becoming more and more divided by racial, ethnic, religious, and cultural lines.

But it’s easy to forget just how far we’ve come:

Two random black dudes showed up in the hospital room of a white family to provide gifts and love to their newborn baby, and the Internet universally loved it. That, in itself, is an epic feat.

These families will be connected forever due to a random act of kindness that warmed the hearts of millions.
Not to mention, when baby Cason grows up, his parents will have one amazing birth story to share with him.

But first, let’s share this great story with everyone who needs a smile.,

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