Toddler falls in love with horses and shows Mommy her morning routine

There’s something very beautiful about watching gentle animals and children interact with each other.

Fortunately for us, the internet is full of loving encounters that were all caught on film.

One scene that’s warming hearts took place in Victoria, Australia – and it involves a toddler and a stable of horses. Don’t be surprised if it has you saying, “aww.”

Some kids were just born animal lovers. The tiny girl in the video below obviously has this type of personality trait, and it can be seen in her behavior with her uncle’s horses.

According to her mom, they went on a vacation around the Christmas holiday to visit the girl’s uncle in St Leonards.

And lucky for the tot, he had a horse stable that she was able to explore. Or better yet, get an up-close look at her four-legged friends!

The tot eventually found a morning routine that she absolutely loved.

By no surprise, it involved going and saying “hello” to the horses in their pens.

One of the days the girl’s parents hit record to capture the amazing interactions they’d been witnessing.

She starts by walking up to the first horse she sees in the stable and pets its nose.

Then in response, the horse leans down more and she’s able to give it a sweet kiss.

On to the next!

The toddler scurries over to the closest pen and waits for the horse to lower its head to be in reaching distance. Once it does, she gives that horse a smooch too.

So, who else wants some love?

The girl, who’s peanut-sized and in diapers, is not afraid at all to get close with each horse at their pen door.

They too seem calm and comfortable when she approaches.

For the next horse, well, it gets a nice pat on the nose. She also kindly pets the last one as well.

After recording the footage, the girl’s parents decided it was too adorable not to post online.

The mom explained in the video’s description:

“Our daughter loves animals, so you can imagine how excited she was visiting her uncle’s stables in St Leonard’s at Christmas time.

She spent every morning running to the stables to check on the horses, patting, feeding and kissing them.

She adores horses and is very gentle with them, and they looked forward to her visits, each popping their heads out to greet her as she passed.”

Perhaps the horses were as delighted to see the girl’s happy face as she was to see them?

According to an article from the Independent, researchers discovered through a study that horses can detect human emotions from facial expressions, and remember them afterward.

University of Sussex animal behaviour professor, Karen Combs, explained:

“What we’ve found is that horses can not only read human facial expressions but they can also remember a person’s previous emotional state when they meet them later that day – and, crucially, that they adapt their behaviour accordingly.”

It’s a simple clip, but sometimes it’s the little moments that can brighten your day the most. One person commented online:

“Wonderful gift you’ve provided this little one!! Learning about kindness~!”

Someone else wrote:

“You can almost hear the horses saying “Good morning, little human!!” So cute!”

Watch the precious scene for yourself below!

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