This is what fewer than 8 hours of sleep can do to you

If you eat well and exercise regularly, but don’t get at least seven hours of sleep every night, you may be undermining all of your other efforts.

And we’re not being dramatic! Sleep is crucial for our health — and many of us are lacking when it comes to it. Here’s what less than 8 hours of rest does to your body.


The reason for cognitive impairment is the lack of sleep. Studies have demonstrated that sleep deprivation can be the reason for sluggish mind and issues, for example, memory loss and distractedness come into play. This distractedness in adults and children may lead to untimely accidents and troubled decision making.

Less than 8 hours of sleep can lead to an un-rested brain that makes it difficult for adolescents or adults to recall common words and routine processes. This disabled speech can be the reason for an inability to express the thoughts coherently. It is like working in a dream state.


The glands in our body that produce hormones are controlled by our mind. They are important for our well-being. Therefore, it is essential to rest your mind and be prepared to take on the struggles of every day. Your brain does not invest in growth hormones, when you sleep less. This leads to an inability to fight common diseases such as colds and other infections. When you deprive yourself of a good eight hours of sleep, your body messes the digestive pattern as well, which may cause uncomfortable gastric problems. This may be because of the hormonal imbalance or chronic body tiredness that influences the overall performance of your body.


Lack of sleep is always linked to weight gain. Individuals, who sleep for less than eight hours, show signs of increased appetite and a reduction in metabolic rate. When you sleep for less than eight hours, then your body becomes inadequate to fight impulses. Racing impulses and cravings for high calorie food goes hand in hand in under-slept people, which at least prompts changes in eating patterns and an increase in weight.


Everybody today has a busy life. The overwhelming pressure of being overworked prompts lots of insecurities. When your body has rested for less than eight hours, depression may kick in. Because of un-relaxed state or inability to deal rationally with problems, or because of hormonal changes, individuals who are sleep deprived are more inclined to suffer from depression. When you sleep less, your body does not produce happy hormones, which can cause a greyer view of the world around you.

These are the s-h-o-c-k-i-n-g impacts that your body bears when you have less than 8 hours of sleep. So prioritize your tasks and uphold your health because sleeping for less than 8 hours can bring about short term and long term problem even leading to early ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ!


The constant struggle between feeling sluggish and the around the clock work requirements lead to irritability and short temper. In the event that you are under-slept, your mind and body are influenced when dealing with stressful situations. The brain tissue can be destroyed if you sleep for less than 8 hours, and it decreases your ability to think rationally.

It is known that a rested mind is home to a healthy body. When you sleep for eight hours, your body awakens to a relaxed state and is prepared to take on everyday decisions with a rational approach. This is directly corresponding to your mental peace, thus enhancing your body and adding bounce in your spring.

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