This elderly man goes to his beloved wife’s gr.a.v.e every Saturday

This elderly man goes to his beloved wife’s gr.a.v.e every Saturday – a moving scene

In the love vows of a couple, the phrase is always heard: “until death do them part”. However, not all lovers comply with this, since there are those who cling to remain united to the love of their life regardless of time or circumstances.

There are those who do not believe in eternal love, yet there are couples who stay together for a long time and that only old age are passing away can bring to an end. It is important to live every moment of our lives with the people that we really love because, sooner or later, these moments will end and we will be alone in remembering the happiness of the past.

And this is confirmed by a grandfather, who every year visits the grave of his deceased wife to tell her how his life is going. His gesture has gone viral on social networks, touching thousands of hearts and showing that true love is capable of following us beyond everything.

Ryan Icaro, a comedian of Brazilian origin, captured the heartbreaking image in which a grandfather is seen visiting the grave of his late wife on Christmas Eve.

The comedian explained that it is common to see that man visit his wife’s grave and spend hours in front of her while he talks, cries and laughs. But unlike other occasions, the Christmas season is usually very sad for the man, since he says that they always spent the holidays together and it was his wife’s favorite holiday.

Grandpa said his wife died five years ago and since then he visits her grave every chance he gets. Also, he spends hours there, remembering the beautiful moments they spent together.

The story reached the internet, going viral and moving Internet users, who could not help but send him their best wishes and thank him for making them believe again in eternal love.

Let’s take advantage of it, friends, because everything is going very fast. This message is just words, so take it into your lives.


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