These 9 household items need washing or changing frequently but I’m sure you don’t do enough

Almost everyone doesn’t like to clean. There are no specific rules that can be applied to each household, so tending to your house can be confusing. Here are 9 things in your house you need to clean or change more.

1. Towels

Don’t make the mistake of using a dirty towel to dry your freshly cleaned skin! Since damp towels are filled with dead skin cells and other things, it’s a perfect breeding ground for germs. Wash your towels every 4 days. If you’re using a towel to wipe your sweat when you exercise, you should wash it with each use.

2. Bath Mats

Just like towels, bath mats get damp and filled with all kinds of stuff that germs and mold love. You can stretch your bathmats our 5 days between each wash.

3. Tea Towels

As a general guide, tea towels should be washed roughly once a week. You should adjust this to how often you drink tea, though.

4. PJs

Although you may think you can get away with wearing pajamas for weeks since you’re not getting sweaty or dirty in them, you should really max out at 7 days and then give them a nice wash.

5. Sponges

Here’s a scary fact: you need to change your sponges every week. Most of us use them for months at a time, but the longer they sit out, the more germs grow on them. You definitely don’t want to eat off plates you rub with bacteria!

6. Sheets

This should include pillowcases, too! Bodies produce some pretty nasty stuff that gets left behind on our bed. You should aim to wash your sheets once a week to prevent a build-up of dead skin cells, oil, and other unmentionables. This is especially important if you suffer from acne!

7. Duvets

Since this doesn’t have quite as much contact with our skin, you can get away with washing this item once a month.

8. Bedspreads

You should change out and wash your bedspreads every few months to keep things fresh!

9. Toothbrushes

At most, some of us are lucky enough to have insurance that covers tooth cleanings twice a year. The perk is bringing home a new toothbrush. However, you need to change your toothbrushes every 3 months to properly clean your teeth and prevent infections. It’s best to run to the store and buy a big pack to keep under your sink for you to swap them out between dentist visits.

Source: APOST

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