These 7 signs prove that his love is not real

It’s quite easy to test a guy to see if he really loves you. But signs his love is not real are difficult to recognize. Understanding your partner’s true intentions when you are blindfolded by the overwhelming feelings of love requires you to evaluate the situation rationally and dispassionately. All the dreamy dates and steamy nights may perhaps feel surreal until the day you realize that you have been tricked into a f.a.k.e .relationship.

Signs your man’s love is not real are encoded in his habits and the way he behaves around you. A real relationship might not be picture-perfect and may require a lot of time and effort on both sides. Irrespective of the hardships and effort, real relationships are way better than f.a.k.e ones, which more often than not are pretentious and mostly forged for society’s approval.

If you wanna steer clear of such hollow connections that do not add any value to your life, look out for signs his love is not real when you test a guy to see if he really loves you

1. He is Always Busy Whenever You Need Him.

How many times have you tried to ask for his presence because you need help or comfort? And from those, how many times did he actually come to be there for you? If most of the time he is not available for you, he does not probably love you. Yes, people can be busy with responsibilities, but true love would make you prioritize the people who matter to you. So, if a person never sacrifices time for you, you can doubt their affection.

2. He Rarely Initiates Communication.

Who is the first one to greet in the morning? Or, generally, who always texts, chats, or calls first? If it is always you who initiates conversations, something is really off with your man. Why does it seem he is not interested in checking on you? Does he never miss you at all?

3. He Has Prior Appointments Whenever You Initiate.

And what about if you initiate planning a date? Is he always unavailable? Like he has a business meeting, team building, family time, or meet up with friends? When will he ever become available for you?

4. He Does Not Like Spending Money on Any Gifta or Celebrating Your Special Days.

When was the last time you celebrated your monthsary? Or did you ever celebrate Valentine’s? If he thinks it is impractical to spend money on special occasions with you, it seems that he has no reason to celebrate your relationship.

5. He is Nice to You Whenever He Asks for a Favor.

When is your man sweetest to you? If he is normally distant and cold with you, be mindful whenever he suddenly turns affectionate. If it is followed by asking for a favor, you can clearly tell that he only pretends to love you.

6. He Tells You He Wants Your Relationship to be Private.

Have you ever tried convincing him to change his relationship status on social media or at least post your photos together? If the idea pissed him off, you can tell he is not in love with you. Making your relationship private is great, but hiding it completely is a different thing.

7. He Refuses Attending Events with You.

Has he ever invited you to be his “plus one” to any event he went to? If never, it does not seem like love at all. Even if the people know about your relationship, it is useless if he seems unhappy to be seen with you. It is probably because he is not proud of you or he thinks he cannot enjoy the event with you around.


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