These 6 things you should never do after eating! (Especially N0.4 is very bad for your health but many people are doing it)

To look good and being fit are most important these days. We keep track of our calories intake and all but there are few things you need to take care of. There must be lot of things that you might have heard not do after having a meal.

So here are 6 dangerous acts you should avoid after a meal, if you want your body to function properly

1. Smoke

Many people are aware that smoking is extremely harmful to their health and yet they still continue with this terrible habit, and they even do it right after having a meal. It is very important to wait a few hours after having a meal and then smoke a cigarette because cigarettes contain nicotine which can bind to the excess oxygen essential for digestion, thus allowing the body to absorb more carcinogens than usual. According to some studies, smoking right after a meal is equal to smoking 10 cigarettes at once. In addition, this can increase your risk of lung and bowel c.a.n.c.e.r.

2. Eat Fruit

Simply do it before eating not after. Fruits need special kind of enzymes to digest and the sugars need more time to be absorbed. Therefore if you eat fruits after a meal you risk getting indigestion, burping or heartburn. So always remember to eat fruits before meals because it is much more beneficial for you.

3. Sleep

If you go to bed right after having a meal, it is more likely to experience discomfort, bloating and other sleeping patterns because this can cause your stomach to burn during the night. The University of Ioannina Medical School conducted a study which proved that people who waited a longer period of time to go to bed after having a meal, had less risk of experiencing a stroke. So, make sure not to eat at least a few hours before going to sleep.

4. Shower

One important fact – while we shower we increase the blood flow to every part of the body except the stomach. So it is advisable not to shower right after a meal as you risk having indigestion and stomach issues.

5. Drink tea

You should never drink tea right after having dinner because it can interfere with the iron absorption. The tea contains a tannic acid which can bind with iron and protein in our food. It is scientifically proven that in most cases this results in 87% decrease in absorption of iron. And iron deficiency can cause anemia, thus causing pale skin, poor appetite, chest pain, cold feet and hands, dizziness, weakness, and extreme fatigue.

6. Drink water

When you drink water right after your meals, it reduces the secretion of enzymes and juices in the stomach. It may cause acidity and bloating, making digestion difficult.

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