These 6 Silly Female Behaviours Are Everything That A Man Finds Annoying

Women always have a string of complaints against their male partners on a range of things, from his messy room to forgetting the day they first drank water together. Sure, men are borderline idiotic, but women can really get on their nerves.

For women who want to know which of their habits qualify as annoying, here’s a list

1. “Nothing remains a secret”

Many women have the habit of sharing everything with their best-friends for e.g. they even show all of the chat history & thus nothing remains a secret. Men are very well aware about this & even if they are not; your silly friends behavior at the moment she sees him expresses it all.

2. When she purposely try to make him jealous

Damn! They are so over it & this little myth has now become old.

They get it that you are trying to seek their attention by doing this thing. Well, they might even behave differently later but in their mind; this act is a silly one.

3. When she acts too-childish

Whoa! Being childish is a good thing but wake up because it’s not gonna work every-time. And, especially when a woman talks in that childish tone; trust me many men just want to run away.

Men love when a girl is independent & mature; so ladies if you think you are matured then do act like one.

4. When she acts like MOM

Ughh! This one is too much for them. Ladies, men needs a lover not another mom in you; so its better you avoid acting like one.

5. Talking about their friends boyfriend

A woman mainly tries to talk about their friend’s boyfriend; about what all gifts he gives & all the silly little things. If you’re one of ‘em then just STOP IT.

Doing such things make a guy feel like you are comparing him with the other & this indirectly hurts the ego as well.

6. Tries to change him

A man hates it when a woman tries to change him in some way or the other. It just doesn’t work out in his favour & later results into creating a big mess.


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