These 4 Herbs Can Protect Your Brain From Alzheimer’s, Depression And Anxiety

These 4 Herbs Can Protect Your Brain From Alzheimer’s, Depression And Anxiety

Nowadays, due to our busy and fast way of life, we are more exposed to stress on the daily. Excessive stress has been associated with a long list of health problems and studies continue showing its negative influence on the body and mind. With the increase of people suffering from Alzheimer’s, anxiety, and mental illnesses, it is good to know how to avert and treat these health problems and enhance our quality of life. One such way is through the usage of specific herbs which have the power to minimize stress and minimize depression and anxiety symptoms.

The Most Potent 4 Herbs ever

Ginkgo Biloba

This ancient herb’s extract has been commonly used as a natural cure for loss of memory, depression, anxiousness, headaches, poor concentration, and mental confusion and it is believed to enhance neurotransmitters by elevating the blood supply.

It’s known as “the brain herb” because it improves memory and helps the brain get more oxygen. It’s recommended that dementia or Alzheimer’s patients take a Ginkgo supplement, since it’s been scientifically proven to reduce symptoms.

Namely, a 240 mg daily dosage of ginkgo extract works as good as 10 mg of Aricept (Alzheimer’s medication) but it does not cause any side effects.


This herb has the power to improve the brain function and memory and lower stress. It also has carnosic, an ingredient that was found to be beneficial in averting beta-amyloid-induced neurodegeneration in the hippocampus and it is rich in calcium, vitamin B6, and iron too. The best ways to reap its benefits is through inhalation, in tea, or as a dry or fresh herb added to meals. You might want to add some Rosemary to your mashed potatoes and roast beef next time!


Did you know that the menthol scent of peppermint can enhance the concentration, mood, and cognition? What’s more, studies point out that it also has the power to strengthen the alertness and long-term memory. You can make tea with it, add it fresh or dried to recipes, or add a couple of peppermint essential oil drops to your diffuser.


This root is the caffeine you actually need. This herb is beneficial for the mood and cognitive function and it can lower inflammation as well. According to studies, it was also able to better the mental performance in patients with Alzheimer’s who used the herb on a daily basis for a minimum of twelve weeks.,

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