There’s A Couple That Has Been Dating For A While. This Will Make You Laugh Crazy.

There’s a couple that has been dating for a while.

As much as he wants to, she won’t sleep with him, because she’s saving her virginity for marriage.

Just as they were kissing, he was becoming hotter and hotter, and he said,

“Oh come on, just a feeling.”

To which she replies,

“No, I’m saving myself for marriage!”

They went back and forth.

He said, “Just one feel, I promise, that’s all, just one feel.”

She finally agreed, “Okay, just one feel, but that’s all, just one, I’m saving myself for marriage.”

So he puts his hand down her panties and takes a little feel.

Things are getting a lot warmer and he asks, “Can’t we please?”

She of course states, “NO, I’m saving myself for marriage.”

He says, “Please, please?” and she says,

“No, absolutely not, I’m saving myself for marriage.”

He says, “How about if I agree to only just put the tip in?”

She says, “No way, I’m saving myself for marriage.”

He begs and pleads with her, “I promise, just the tip, no more,and we’ll stop after that.”

She finally gives in, “Okay, but just the t!p, no more, and that’s all.”

He says okay and pulls down her panties and puts the tip in…

he’s so hot and ready that he can’t control himself shoves it the whole way in and starts going to town… she meanwhile is moaning and groaning and shouts,

“Okay, go ahead and put it the whole way in!!”

A little stunned, he says,

“No no…absolutely not, a deals a deal!”

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