There Was A Monkey And A Hyena. What Follows Next Is Funny.

There was a monkey and a hyena walking through the jungle:

The monkey has got his arm over the hyena’s shoulder saying.

“If you ever get in a fight shout me, I’m your best mate, so will help you.”

As they stroll along a lion jumps out and grabs the hyena, the monkey shoots up a tree

After the lion has finished with the hyena, the monkey comes down there’s blood and guts everywhere.

The monkey says.

“Are you, ok pal?”

The hyena says. “Don’t give me that pal cr@p, I thought we were best mates?”

The monkey said. “We are best mates.”

The hyena says. “Well, why did you not help me fight the lion?”

The monkey said.

“You were laughing that much I thought you were winning!”

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