The Video Of A Newborn Infant Delivered In An Unbroken Amniotic Sac Is Incredible

One in 80,000 cases: The Video Of A Newborn Infant Delivered In An Unbroken Amniotic Sac Is Incredible

Childbirth is the most beautiful natural miracle on earth. Everyone who has given birth or attended it knows how magical it can be to witness the arrival of a whole new man into the world. Every birth is unique, and every baby born is an individual with indescribable potential.

A recent video shared by Dr. Ignacio Perez Tomasone, an obstetrician-gynecologist from Argentina, on his Instagram shows an incredible en caul birth.

According to Webmd, “an en caul birth is a rare event where a baby is born still inside an intact amniotic sac.” During pregnancy, the amniotic sac is a thin, fluid-filled sac that surrounds the fetus. This protects the fetus from harm and regulates the temperature so that it can stay warm.

In the vast majority of births, the protective amniotic sac that holds the baby and the amniotic fluid it “breathes” in the womb breaks at some point in the labor and delivery process. En caul births, in which a baby is born inside an intact amniotic sac, only occur in about 1 in 80,000 births. It’s more common in cesarean births than vaginal births, but still very rare overall.

The video shared by Dr. Tomasone of a baby delivered en caul shows a stunning depiction of what it looks like.

It’s incredible to see the baby curled up inside the sac and then birthed from it.

It has around 3,313,677 views until now along with thousands of comments from people around the world. A user commented, “Glorious. God’s perfect miracle of life,” while another wrote, “Oh my gosh God is so good. Can you even imagine (but so true) we all are made in His image!!” People went on to call this birth, “miracle,” “beautiful,” and “amazing.”

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