The Lion Is Having His Birthday Party! –

The Lion, King of the jungle is having his birthday party!

He furiously instructs the leopard to not let anyone inside his party except if they bring meat and if they don’t, he must shove whatever meal they brought up their a$s!

The leopard, with a smirk on his face, nods in agreement.

The next day everyone in the jungle are gathered for the party, they get on a line and the leopard asks the first animal in line,

“Zebra! What have you brought for our king?”

“Just the finest meat around these parts my lord!”

-The zebra replies.

“Alright go ahead, so who’s next?”

The chimpanzee comes next and says, “Me my lord, I brought 3 bananas”.

“It’s not your lucky day monkey! Our king asked for meat only, anything else is going to be shoved up the ass of the moron who brought something besides meat!”

The leopard then starts shoving the bananas up the chimpanzee’s butt. 1, 2, 3… but just when he started to shove the 3rd banana, the chimpanzee starts laughing and pops the banana out.

Confused, the leopard starts to shove it up again but the chimpanzee starts laughing even harder and pops the banana out again.

Then the leopard asks, “What is so funny?! How can you even find joy out of a situation like this?!”

To which the chimpanzee replies:

-“It’s because the squirrel behind me brought 2 watermelons”.

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