The life and struggles of ”Family” and ”Empty Nest” actress Kristy McNichol

McNichol entered the movie industry at an early age and became famous for the role of ”tomboy” in the series ”family”; the hit series aries from 1976 until 1980. The role made the Emmy award actress a teen start and she was the spoilt light.

Stories have it that Kristy never wanted to be an actress, she was pushed into it by her mother. Her mother had plans of being a star too, but only managed to get extra roles in the movie and she used her children to compensate for her failed career in the industry.

After the hit series ”Family” was over, she went on to be on other legendary movies and that was how her successful career in the film industry began, and she was living the life we all wished for, something we called the best, as we all thought.

She was in other successful movies including ”Little Darlings” with Tatum O’Neal, ” Women of Valor”, as well as the series ”Empty Nest”.”

Kristy had a lot going on in her life, she was fighting her demons to remain sane. She dated men to hide her sexuality as she knew the backlash she will receive from the public.

She dated Scott Via in 1977 and later on moved to Leif Garret, who’s a singer and an actor. According to DatingCelebs, Kristy was in love with actress Ina Liberace and was later associated with Elizabeth Brooks; the Canadian actress passed away at the age of 46 in 1977.

Kristy had bipolar disorder along the way and had to take a break from filming for a year as her psychological condition was deteriorating. When she talked about her experience then, she said she hardly slept or are; each time she slept it always seemed like a nightmare and she woke up crying and had no idea of what was happening to her.

Bipolar disorder wasn’t so common in the medical field then, so it was so hard defining her situation. Speaking about the experience, Kristy told NewsAmomama that her weight dropped dramatically to 96lbs, nonstop anxiety, and was always shaking like a leaf.

Kristy opened up about her sexuality in 2012,  and she told her fans that she was married to Martie Allen, the love of her life and that’s all they needed to know as she tends to keep her affairs private. 

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