The Elderly Lady Is In The Supermarket. What Follows Next Is Hilarious.

The elderly lady is in the Supermarket and starts throwing the frozen veggies on the floor,

so the Manager asks if he can help.

” I’m looking for Broccoli ” informed that they are out of stock she leaves.

Within an hour she’s back throwing the frozen veggies onto the floor,

The irate Manager asks again If he can help

” I’m looking for Broccoli “

Once again he informs her they are out of stock.

15 min before closing, she comes stalking straight to the Frozen veggies, as she is about to start throwing them out,

The very irritated Manager asks can I help

” I’m looking for Broccoli “

The Manager asks Madam can you spell Dog in Dogmore,

She says yes ” DOG”

“very good, can you spell Cat in Catsdelight”,

She says “CAT”

“very good, now can you spell F*CK in Broccoli”,

She says ” there’s no f*ck in Broccoli “

Madam, I’ve been trying to tell you that all day!!!

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