The decision of birthmark removal:

A baby girl name “Harper” was born with a birthmark on her face. Which had covered a large part of her face. The parents were able to remove the birthmark through surgery which may have a painful recovery but instead of removal they left the decision on the baby girl.

They told her that once the baby grows up, she’ll decide by herself whether she wants to remove the mark or not. Parents told that they want to teach their daughter that she is not ugly but beautiful. One of the hardest parts in the bringing up of a child is to teach them self-love.


Because whatever physical features we have got is the choice of God. Therefore we should respect our God’s choice and shall be thankful for all that we have. In today’s world, social media has badly stocked the mind of youth and especially young girls.

The photo editing apps and filters have made them thanks to digital tools. And when they look into the mirror, they found their self ugly. The birthmark on the face of baby Harper was extremely surprising for her parents which they were not expecting at all.

The parents told, ” the birthmark came as a huge shock, and it made us so upset to think how Harper might be treated as she grows up. People can be very cruel “. Her mother told ” when she was born Jamie said to me ” she has a really big birthmark on her face”.

Ebony recalled ” I couldn’t believe that half of her entire face was covered. I was in shock, I think and it wasn’t until about two weeks later that I just sat down and cried my head out. I wasn’t crying for me, but I was crying for Harper and for all the prejudice she will face in the future “. Her mother Ebony told that the birthmark was a part of her and we can’t imagine Harper without that mark.

Siblings of Harper called it a special mark which truly was. ” Harper is more special with the special mark, ” told her parents ” and we will make sure to tell her every day that she is special

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