The Best Ways to Keep a Man Interested for a lasting Relationship

Creating a happy, fun and loving environment, where you both respect each other and protect each other’s well-being is important for your relationship to grow strong. To get there and ultimately in order to understand how to keep a man interested, continue reading the tips below.

1. Appreciate Him and be Grateful for the Things he Does for You

Let your man know how grateful you are for how he handles things. Compliment him when he helps you out in the house. Don’t wait for the significant events. The fact that you notice his small efforts will make him like you even more. Don’t make him think that you take him for granted. Laughing at his jokes makes the man feel important.

2. Be Confident and Remain Independent

No man wants a lady who is not sure of herself. A bold woman who takes good care of herself is very attractive. Don’t let your insecurities ruin your chance of having a good man by your side. Although the thought of spending more time with your man is tempting, don’t give in. Have your hobbies and friends to hang out with. Make time for your man but not always. Cancel a date once in a while. People always want that which they cannot have, don’t be readily available.

3. Treat him as your Partner and your Equal

Men desire women who love and appreciate them. One of the easiest ways of learning how to keep a man interested is therefore to show him that he can rely on you. Listen to his problems without judgment. Offer to pay for your dinner date or have your share of the bill. Surprise him with tickets of his favorite game. These small gestures will make him feel that you are invested in the relationship and that you’re in it for the long haul.

4. Give him Space when he Needs it, Don’t be Clingy

Let your man have his time to hang out with his friends or do his things. Avoid the temptation of tagging along unless he has invited you. Remember that by trying to have him all to yourself, you may be pushing him away. Let him go out with his friends and do the same.

5. Be Spontaneous and Learn how to Seduce him

Surprise him with a very romantic date. Don’t allow him to predict your moves. Be very creative when around him. You do not have to be alone in the room for you to make a move. As you hug him goodbye, hold on to it for a little longer. You can kiss him on the neck when he least expects it. Make him remember you and desire to meet you again by seducing him from time to time. While at it, do something that you are comfortable with. Don’t try pole dancing if you have no skill set.

6. Hold Intelligent Conversations

Don’t be that girl who is very good at flirting but cannot hold an intelligent conversation. Your man may want to bring you to meet his associates, and he will be more comfortable if he knows that you are capable. When you are together, discuss important matters like career goals and growth. But remember that even if you are very familiar with a particular field, do not try to outsmart him. Let him be the man.

7. Don’t be Jealous of his Female Colleagues and Friends

Don’t act out when you see him laugh with a female friend. Be mature and supportive of their friendship. If he happens to check other girls out, let him know that you too think that the girl is beautiful. This way, he will see that you are fully confident with yourself. Make friends with his women colleagues.

8. Resolve Issues Calmly and Maturely

Disagreements are bound to happen. If you can’t handle the problems maturely, you end up hurting the man you love. Instead of an argument, have a conversation with him. Don’t allow issues to pile so much to the point of you exploding. Start your conversations with a positive opening statement. A gentle lady is undoubtedly a beautiful woman. Men hate it when ladies use loud voices.

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