Teen’s voice so eerily similar to Elvis’ he swiftly turns all the judges

Elvis was and is to this day, one of the most influential moguls in music history.

So it’s no small thing, to sing like “the King.” This teenage boy on The Voice Kids Russia, sings “I Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis and it’s amazing how similar he sounds to him.

This is one of the best Elvis covers I’ve ever heard, this young boy sounds eerily similar to him.

This 13-year-old boy, on the Voice Kids Russia, covers this Elvis song to perfection. When the words start streaming out, it doesn’t make sense, how is this boy so good?

In a deep, sultry voice just like Elvis’s he begins to sing a beautiful cover of “I Can’t Help Falling In Love.”

The crowd is captivated and the judges can’t believe their ears. One judge even spins around within the first 15 seconds!

With one judge already on board, the young singer continues to mimic the classic Elvis song to near perfection.

The young singer’s family shouts with excitement when the first judge spins his chair, they know that guarantees him a spot on a judges team.

The other three judges are clearly impressed, now to see if they’ll spin their chairs around too? His voice gets even better as the performance goes on, he literally sounds just like Elvis!

In his tasteful blazer, the 13-year-old manipulates his voice to match Elvis’s note for note.

The audience is in a trance, they sway back and forth while the teenage singer gives the performance of a lifetime.

You can see in their faces, the other judges are loving it, they are sure to spin around for the amazing vocalist.

The other 3 judges can’t resist any longer, at the same time, they all spin their chairs around for the young Elvis.

As the performance gets better and better, the remaining judges have no choice but to hit their red buttons. His talent speaks for itself, clearly, the judges agree.

They simultaneously hit their buttons and spin around at the exact same time!

His family is beside themselves, they can barely keep their composure in the surreal moment.

His voice is magical, when you close your eyes you’d never know it was a 13-year-old-kid!

Now that all four judges hit their red buttons, it was up to the teen singer to choose which one he’d like to join.

The brilliant musician captivated all the judges, with the competition fierce, it was up to him to pick a judge to join.

This judge would mentor him through the competition, in hopes of getting him through to the live rounds.

Would he stay loyal to the first just that hit the button for him? That’s exactly what he did, he selected the first judge to show their faith in him.

With a voice like that, this young singer is going places! His performance will take your breath away.

Listen below to hear this young man’s cover of The King himself.

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