Teen Mom Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice To Save Her Unborn Baby

The ultimate sacrifice: Teen Mom Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice To Save Her Unborn Baby

Jennifer Lake was a 16-year-old student at Pocatello High School, Idaho, when she first started experiencing severe headaches that would come out of nowhere. She somehow knew there was something wrong and decided to visit the family doctor and go through a series of check-ups.

Her doctor ordered an MRI on her head and that’s when Jennifer learned she had a tumor in her brain. That was the most devastating news a teenager could hear. She believed her life was ahead of her and hoped it would be a happy and a careless one, but instead, she faced a battle against a horrible disease.

After hearing about her diagnosis, everyone around Jenni was in s.h.o.c.k.

Unfortunately, more bad news would come. Another scan, at the hospital, showed that the tumor in her brain was bigger than previously thought. And the c.a.n.c.e.r had spread from her brain to another part of her body – with no symptoms.

Her parents, who are divorced, said that the family were remember brought into a room at the hospital, to sit down with the doctors. They discussed her chances of survival.

An MRI uncovered a brain tumor, and the teen started chemotherapy right away. The tumor had started to shrink, but then Jenni got some surprising news — she was 10-weeks pregnant! That made things different for Jennifer whose biggest wish was to become a mom one day.

Jenni’s journey was no longer her own.

From the start of treatment, she was told that she might never have children, her mother said, that the radiation and chemotherapy could essentially make her sterile.

As anyone would be, Jennifer was overjoyed at the news. She had always wanted to be a mom. But it also meant that she was faced with the toughest decision in her life.

Her unborn child would die if she continued through her chemotherapy. But if she stopped her treatment, it was no chance for Jenni to survive. So she would either have to terminate the pregnancy and continue the treatments, or stop the treatments, knowing that it could continue to grow again.

Jennifer listened to her heart. She decided to stop her chemotherapy treatments and give birth to little Chad Michael, nine months later.

Just six days after she had her baby, Jennifer was released from the hospital. Sadly, she only had six days to spend with her bundle of joy in the comfort of her home. The moment she breath her last, little Chad was in her arms.

Jennifer was happy she got to give birth and kiss her baby. She made the ultimate sacrifice and that speaks of what mothers are capable of doing for their children.

Now, years after her passing, Jennifer’s family is making sure Chad knows of what his mom did for him and how much she loved him. Her story is touching the hearts of many since 2011, when she left this world.

The love that Jennifer, and all other mothers feel for their children is indescribable.

In her case it was so strong that she chose to sacrifice her own life.

Chad is being raised by his father, Nathan Wittman, with the help of his mother, as well as Jenni’s.

Though Chad will never know his mother, he’ll feel her love with each breath. Her incredible sacrifice has touched the hearts of so many, and a loved one wrote on the In Loving Memory Of Jennifer Michelle Lake Facebook page

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