Teen gets lead stuck in her eye after classmate throws pencil at her

Classroom altercations are a staple of almost all schools around the world. Kids will be kids for the most part, meaning that verbal or physical arguments can occur under the watch of even the strictest of teachers.

A natural by-product of this is that accident and injuries will occur from time to time, as one 13-year-old girl found out when she realized she had a pencil tip lodged in her eyeball. It’s said a classmate had thrown the pencil at her from the other side of the room.

According to reports in the Daily Mail, the student didn’t even know it was in her eye until a friend pointed it out. She was rushed to the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital in Manchester, England for emergency surgery.

Medics worked extensively to take both parts of the tip from her right eye. One of the pieces was mere millimetres away from her retina, damage to which can cause permanent blindness.

Doctors are now urging teachers, parents and children to be aware of the dangers associated with throwing objects in a classroom.

The unnamed girl in this particular instance initially struggled to look directly at light. It’s said she’s now made a full recovery.

Of the incident, she recalled: “At first I had not realised what had happened until my friend said I think you have something in your eye.

“A pencil had been thrown from the front of the classroom to the back where I had been standing chatting to my friends.

“A part of the pencil had gone into my eye which must have happened so quickly as I had not really felt anything.

“I was told the pencil tip was just millimetres away from causing me instant blindness so I know how lucky I was.”

Wow! This girl certainly had a lucky escape. Just imagine she’d been blinded by a pencil in a classroom!

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