Sure signs he’s fantasizes about other woman

If your man is doing any of following things repeatedly, then I’m sure he’s fantasizing about other women.

In a perfect world, he would only have eyes for you. The reality is, however, he’s human. He may have fantasized about other women at some point. But can something so common spell trouble for your relationship? When it comes to fantasizing about other people, experts say there is a fine line between what’s OK and what can be problematic. However, it can become problematic if the fantasy becomes too consuming, distracting, or harmful to the relationship.

If your man is fantasizing about someone else in a way that can be harmful to your relationship, it can manifest in a number of different ways. Any sort of change in their behavior or your relationship dynamic is important to pay attention to. So here are sure signs that your man may be fantasizing about someone else


1. He Keep Things Personal

Your man does not talk to you about what matters to him? When men are considering infidelity, they start withdrawing emotionally. Not sharing his opinion might mean your man feels you cannot willingly listen to and respect whatever he has to say. Such feelings represent dangerous territory, and your man will consequently look for someone who, according to him, is willing to hear him out.

2. He Follows Lots Of Females On Social Media

Another sign is he follows lots of different women on social media. If you see that he follows several beautiful women online, then he probably isn’t considering you when he takes a looks at their pictures. Does he like different female photo’s on Instagram?

3. He Gets Defensive

Every time you casually ask about his plans, he gets defensive .Being married or in a relationship should mean being open to each other. Something is not right if your man gets surprisingly defensive whenever you ask innocent questions regarding his friendships or where he was.

4. He Keeps Himself Busy Without You

Whenever you happen to be around your man or try to talk to him, does he start pretending that he is busy or doing some other very important task? There is chances another woman might be on his mind if you do not measure up in his eyes. Try to stay busy together while also doing different tasks together as well!

5. He Values His Relationship With Friends Over Yours

Getting into a relationship means committing your priorities to your significant other. If your man prioritizes his friends or even some events above you, he could be receiving emotional validation from elsewhere. Not prioritizing your relation means he is pulling away from you.

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