Struggling Mom Gets Eye Rolls from Everyone on Plane as Her Twin Babies Scream—Then a Stranger’s Kindness Changes Everything

Struggling Mom Gets Eye Rolls from Everyone on Plane as Her Twin Babies Scream—Then a Stranger’s Kindness Changes Everything

A mother of five wrote an open and heartfelt letter to the woman who helped console her screaming on the plane.

Molly Schultz was on Delta flight 1227 from Minneapolis to Detroit with her 7-month-old twin babies. They were flying back to their hometown in Michigan to say goodbye to their ᴅʏɪɴɢ father.

“You knew I needed you when I was too afraid to ask. I was flying back to the city I grew up in to say goodbye to my dying father and I had no idea when I would return home. This was a one-way flight for me for an unknown amount of time. You didn’t know I left behind two young daughters (aged 3 and 2) as I sat with my 7-month-old twins. You didn’t know I was leaving behind half of my family to say goodbye to another.”

Molly explained that she could not leave her identical twins Lennon and Halen at home with her husband, Tim, and their younger daughters Presley and Sawyer because she was exclusively breastfeeding at the time.

The family was very exhausted

The family was very exhausted after traveling for hours from Washington state. During the flight, the twins were crying and screaming and Molly was struggling to cope.

“We had already flown from Washington state to Minneapolis and spent a ridiculous amount of time in a layover. We were all so very done with this entire trip. The strict schedule we typically follow at home was completely thrown out the window this day and my twins were not handling it well. Why would they though? They were only 7-months-old. They were feeding off my frantic energy and everything just exploded halfway through this flight.

I felt like the entire plane was rolling their eyes at my half-effort to stop their screams. ” Molly wrote on her blog.

Kind stranger

That’s when a kind stranger approached her to help her. The woman sat down next to her and picked up one of the babies and helped feed her through a bottle.

“You sat right next to me in that empty seat and you grabbed the daughter I was bouncing in my lap. I handed you a pre-made bottle of milk and you cradled my daughter in your arms as you sang a lullaby to her, looking her in the eyes. I was almost embarrassed of my inability to do the same for my own children, but I was so thankful for your grace in that moment. ”

The kind stranger comforted both babies and the mother of six. Molly felt the love of a total stranger who she didn’t even know the name of. God brought that woman to her at the right time and in the right place to be a blessing to her.

“You never once made me feel inadequate”

“You never once made me feel inadequate. Instead you showed me the most empathy I’ve ever been shown, and it was miraculously done in my darkest hour. You swayed and sang to her like any of her family would do back home, loving her the way she needed in that moment. Loving all of us in the way we needed in that moment.”

The mother said she couldn’t remember if they discussed why she was flying alone with the twins, but noted that she will never forget how the woman made her feel at that moment.

‘I don’t even remember your name or where you are from. I honestly don’t even remember what you look like. But I wish so badly I did,’ she said, admiting that she wished she had taken a picture of her holding her daughter.

“Thank you”

‘Thank you. Thank you for treating me with dignity and love when I desperately needed it,’ Molly wrote at the end of her missive.

‘I hope this letter gets to you and I hope you remember us from our picture from that flight. I hope you know you saved a mom from a severe mental breakdown at 35,000 feet in the air.’

Molly’s twins turned three years old this mont, and in addition to their daughters, she and Tim are also raising her half-brother, Easton, whom they adopted after their father passed away.


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