Stop sleeping on your right side or stomach. Don’t underestimate, here’s why!

Every human being is unique and also posseses a unique set of habits. One of those habits is the sleeping position.

Different people feel comfortable sleeping in different sleep positions. The wrong sleeping position can cause some of the most serious chronic problems including heartburns and back pains. We all know how important it is to enjoy the sleep of a good night, but it’s not just about what’s feeling comfortable. More should be on what’s best for our bodies. Sleeping has become a part of our life and that’s why we must reconsider our sleeping habits.

1. It causes heartburns

For anyone experiencing it, lying flat, on your right, or straight on your back can cause a problem called Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) or exacerbate this problem. As acid and the contents of the stomach rise into the oesophagus, this occurs. Because of the gravity in these positions, the valve that prevents acid from returning from the stomach region does not contain the reflux and the contents of the stomach are carried to the bottom of the oesophagus, causing heartburn, distress, the taste of acid in the mouth, poor breath, and sometimes even chest pain.

It’s better to:

Sleep on your left hand, and at the top of your body, add an incline. This has been shown to help individuals suffering episodes of GERD experience relief by relieving heartburn. The stomach is in the correct location in this sleeping position, which forces the food to remain in the stomach and not spill into the upper region of the stomach and out of the valve of the oesophagus.

2. It affects the heart

Sleeping on your right side can affect your circulation and heart health. Sleeping on the left side is beneficial for patients with venous pooling of the blood as this improve blood flow to the heart.

3. It is bad for your spine and back.


According to doctors, this sleeping posture is connected to chronic back pain. In this pose, the strain exerted on your back and spine during the night is intense because most of your weight is kept in certain parts of the body. The spine is not set in a normal position and this is why when you shift positions, you can sometimes feel numb or need to stretch.

It’s better to:

If you can not fall asleep in any other position, then this sleeping position can be changed in a way that naturally supports your spine curve. Try to put under your body 2 pillows, one under your pelvis and one under your back. However, doing the same thing while lying on your back or turning on your side with a pillow under your head and one between your legs is the safest sleeping position to alleviate back pain.

4. It can cause chronic neck problems.

If you do not turn your neck to the left, it is hard to breathe properly when lying on your back. Since your head and spine are out of alignment and your neck is forced to twist, this sleeping position can lead to the development of chronic neck problems, such as herniated discs. The spinal cord’s sequence of bones is covered by discs. The gelatinous portions of those discs may be weakened by a persistent poor sleeping position and contribute to chronic pain.

It’s better to:
For your whole body, sleeping on your back is the most comfortable position. This role is recommended by physicians to individuals who suffer chronic spinal pain from arthritis. It’s safer to sleep with a foam pillow under your neck with a tiny incline. To completely relieve your neck from the weight and discomfort, you can also try a pillow under each arm.

5. It can cause facials wrinkles

Reports have shown that the worst thing you can do to you face is sleeping on the bed with one side of your face. Constant sleeping on one side of the face causes wrinkles. The best possible solution to this is sleeping on you back.

6. It adds unnecessary pressure on your bre-asts and can cause problems.

As a woman, knowing which role it’s best to avoid for safe bre-asts is very important. Experts claim that you place undue pressure on your chest with the proponent stance, which in some situations may cause discomfort. Sleeping on your side, on the other hand, will cause sagging bre-asts over time, because gravity forces them downward naturally.

7. Sleeping on your right side affects your baby


If you are pregnant, then you should sleep on your left side or back. When you sleep on your stomach, it applies pressure on your womb and squeeze the space. Sleeping on the right side also affects circulation and your baby might not get enough blood.


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