Stop Saying “I Love You Too” When Someone Says That I Love You, Be More Romantic, Say This Instead

Stop Saying “I Love You Too” When Someone Says That I Love You, It’s Incorrect, Say This Instead

Being in a relationship requires you to do those things which will make your patner happy or feel loved. It sometimes show in what you do, what you say, how you say it and all those stuffs. It is quite unfortunate that a lot of men are the reason why many women complain that men are not romantic. These group of men either believe or think that the cost of being romantic is very high. But it is not so because women actually love men who appreciate little things which you think might not mean anything.

Stop Replying “I Love You Too”; Be More Romantic Say This To Your Partner Instead

1. I love you as well

Whenever somebody lets you know that” I love you”, don’t say that “I love you as well” it is erroneous. “As well” is a negative words and communicating negative things is utilized.

So presently envision somebody call you and the individual says “I love you” and that’s what you answer “I love you as well”. You see that the two words can’t be express together.

2. I love You More!

For example, when your partner says ‘I love you’ most people will reply I love you too or I love you so much. That is absolutely boring because that is the norm. But when you reply her with “I love You More!” she will definitely find it more romantic. It simply means she doesn’t even love you less than you love her. I love you too is actually very old fashioned and we should try new things every day.,,

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