Stop Picking At These 12 Areas On Your Body Or You Will Regret Soon

It’s so tempting to pick and poke at our bodies. However, there are a few places on your body that you should never pick at.

Here are 12 areas on your body that you should never pick at

1. Chin Hair

Plucking those unsightly hairs from your chin will make them disappear temporarily but this can actually make them grow in faster. In addition, you can cause infections to occur and dark spots to pop up from improper tweezing, so talk to your dermatologist about electrolysis or laser hair removal.

2. Pull a Hangnail

You don’t want to pull off that tiny piece of skin found near the root of your fingernail, no matter how tempting. You can cause it to become an open would that could lead to infection and pain. Be patient and wait until you can get ahold of nail clippers to cut the small piece of skin off properly.

3. Pick Bug Bites

When we have a mosquito bite, we all feel itchy. But picking at this bite can irritate the area, causing it to swell and even bleed at times. This can then cause an infection you don’t want! For fast relief, apply a small amount of Vicks VapoRub on the bite instead.

4. Peel a Sunburn

For some people, t’s almost therapeutic to peel that layer of sunburnt skin off. But you are only exposing your skin and you can cause scarring to occur if you do so. Instead, keep applying aloe vera gel as often as possible.

5. Nail Polish Chips

Picking off old nail polish as it starts to wear off is so satisfying. However, when doing so, you are also taking off the first layer of your actual nail, causing it to become weaker and eventually crack. Wait until you can take your polish off with remover instead.

6. Plucking Gray Hairs

Plucking out any hair on your head will damage the follicle. After the same follicle gets damaged enough, the hair may not even grow back at all! So as tempting as it is, leave those pesky gray hairs alone.

7. Popping Pimples and Blackheads

Popping pimples and squeezing blackheads from our faces is
another tempting activity. But you only damage your skin more when you pop and squeeze, causing irritation and redness to occur. Use a good salicylic cleaner on your face daily instead, or you could also speak to your doctor about possible acne treatments.

8. Rubbing Your Face

This seems harmless but your hands are always in contact with germs and bacteria. By rubbing your face, you can easily catch a cold or even cause your face to breakout. Rubbing your eyes can cause wrinkles to gradually occur, as well as dark circles to form. The best bet is to simply leave your face alone!

9. Popping a Blister

Blood blisters are another area you need to keep away from, no matter how tempting it is to pop them! But if you absolutely have to pop one, wash your hands first and disinfect the blister with rubbing alcohol. Use a sterile needle to drain the liquid without removing any skin. Then, cover the blister over with a bandage to let it heal.

10. Picking Scabs

Your skin actually needs that crusty piece that forms after a wound occurs. When you pull it off too early you are setting yourself up for a scar later on. The scab will fall off when it is ready, so don’t rush it along and cause more problems!

11. Pick Your Nails

Bacteria and germs can grow under your nails if you are not super careful. Picking at your nails will spread what is under them-something nobody wants! Always wash your hands and be mindful of how clean your nails are.

12. Plucking Nose Hairs

When you pluck the hairs from your nose you can damage the hair follicles, leading to bleeding and a possible infection. Don’t pluck the hairs out; instead, snip them off with small scissors or use a nose hair trimmer.


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