Stay Single Until You Find Someone Who Does These 7 Things

In order to have a relationship, you have to be committed, patient and loyal. But first, you need to find that special someone who would be worth your time and effort. And in order to find that special someone, you need time and patience.

In today’s world full of social media websites, it is quite easy to give a chance to the first man who doesn’t start an inappropriate conversation. But it is worth waiting for that special someone who will do anything in order to make you happy.

Therefore, you should stay single until you find someone who will do the following things.

1. He’s open to commitment.

He knows what he wants and that includes a committed relationship. This doesn’t mean he’s desperate to get married, but that he’s open to a committed relationship with the right person.

If he’s uncertain what he wants, there’s a chance he’ll string you along – and keep avoiding commitment well into the “relationship.”

2. He wants you to meet his family and friends.

He is happy to have you by his side and he wants to show you to his family members and friends. Therefore, such a man would always include you in his social life, invite you to go out with his friends or have dinner with his family.

3. He values communication.

Open and honest communication are key to any healthy relationship.

He should be upfront with his feelings and desires, and you shouldn’t feel left in the dark about things. If an issue arises, he addresses the problem head-on and works hard to communicate and resolve it.

If you’re constantly wondering what’s on his mind, how he feels, or what he’s doing on his phone, it may be time to move on.

4. He defends you.

If someone insults or attacks you, he will be the first one to stand up to you. When you are having hard days, he will support you. If your feelings are hurt by someone else, a real man will do anything so that it wouldn’t happen again. But if you feel hurt and he doesn’t take it seriously, you may want to end a relationship.

5. He’s honest about enjoying your company and isn’t afraid to tell you.

Because he values communication, he’s not afraid to tell you that he loves spending time with you.

He’s not too egotistical or insecure to show his feelings and he effortlessly demonstrates emotional maturity. When you’re away, he voices that he misses you. You know he wants to spend time with you and enjoys your company.

You shouldn’t have to wonder when the next time he’ll want to hang out or go on a date will be. You shouldn’t feel like your time is wasting his time or vice versa. And, he should provide space for you to be honest in communicating your feelings and emotions too.

6. He creates a positive environment for you.

When you are with him, a real man wants you to feel yourself. You shouldn’t put on a mask and behave as someone else. When you are with a man who is meant for you, you wouldn’t even think about being uncomfortable.

7. He values his moral code and his word.

He has morals and holds them close to his heart. He keeps his word and follows through on his promises. He’s reliable, dependable, and sticks to his values, regardless of if anyone is “looking.”

A lot of women wonder whether they will ever find the right man. They go to many dates and still can’t find their special someone. You shouldn’t settle for less than you are worth just because you think you are running out of time.

The worst thing you could do is create a relationship with a man with who you actually don’t see your future. You not only waste your time, but also his. Of course, it will take a lot of time until you finally meet the right one, but as soon as you do, you will realize that it was worth your effort and time.

Until you find the right man, don’t forget about yourself. Learn new things you always wanted, do what you enjoy and seek your goals and dreams. Enjoy your single time – go to a restaurant by yourself, watch movies, have a soothing bath or buy flowers for yourself.


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