Stay away from people who have these attitudes towards you

If you want to live a healthy life, keep your distance from people that you don’t like. Friends, family, and even close relatives may be among them. They do it most of the time out of jealousy or greed.

Although friends and family are expected to contribute to a happy existence, they are the ones that inflict so much suffering and grief. If you see any of these indicators, stay away from the person as soon as possible to avoid ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ or being a victim of circumstance.


1. People who rarely give to you but are always the first to receive from you.

You should be careful for if you notice a friend or family member who never helps you when you need it, but is the first to ask for your help. Giving is a sign of love genius. If they never help, it is better to live with them.

2. People who are never satisfied with what they have.

This type of person always wants what you have. They try to collect your little things even when they have more time than you.

3. Someone who sees you as their last option

They are people who consider you useless or unproductive. It is better to be left alone than to be with someone who comes to you alone when they have no alternative.

4. People who love to compete with you

Healthy competition among friends is important because it promotes constant growth and development. If you notice a person who loves to compete with you, even for the slightest bit, it is a red flag. They do this simply to show that they are equal to or older than you, even if you don’t do anything wrong.

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