Spanish Police Adopt A Puppy After Rescuing Him From His Abuser

 They found him being kicked on the street by his owner – now he has a home on the force.

Spanish police are asking for help naming a saved pup that they plan to train as a new member of the force. 


 Responding to a call, the authorities in Granada plant a man remonstrating a German cowgirl on the road. 

After stopping the man and rushing the canine to sanitarium, the officers decided to borrow and retain the pup. 


 A Twitter bean is presently under way to pick a name for the newest member of the force. 

The officers first posted about the canine on Monday. 


 The police rushed the doggy to the sanitarium for treatment after stopping the” inhuman” man, the tweet reads. 

 Original media say it was the proprietor who was manhandling the canine. Authorities reportedly arrested him for abuse. 


 The canine had several bruises and injuries to the stomach, according to the original press. Reviews show there was no internal damage, still, and the canine has made a full recovery. 

Of the four choices on Wednesday’s Twitter bean-Rocky, Lucky, Iron and Stan Lee-the Marvel Comics creator is at time of writing leading the pack. 

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