Some women choose to be side chicks. They all have reasons

In a world where a lot of women want to date exclusively, there is an increasing number of others who have no problems being with multiple men and playing second fiddle. What are the reasons for this?

Low self-esteem

There are girls who think they are not good enough. They believe that being a side chick is the best position for them. One of the causes of this belief might be a suggestion by the man in question that she is not good enough to be the main woman.

Fear of loneliness

Human beings are social beings. Being lonely scares, many people especially women. Girls can choose to be with any man whenever they feel lonely. She will not bother whether the man in question is married or not. This fear has increased the number of girls that are breaking marriages.

Financial security

This was always going to be on the list. There are a lot of women who are struggling financially, and can’t keep body and soul together. They have no job, and can’t afford the basic things of life. When they see a man willing to spend so much or even a little more than they’re used to getting on them, they wouldn’t hesitate to be with him regardless of his status.

Show off

The envy that haunts girls when they see their friends doing good in relationships when they are single forces them to show off an engagement that does not exist.

Such women will take any man including married men to show their friends that they too are engaged. They will not mind how the main woman in the relationship will take it.


Sometimes, lust gets a hold of you, and drives you to do things you ordinarily wouldn’t. You know that a certain course of action or behaviour is bad but due to a lack of discipline, you fall for the pressure. Some women just can’t resist great looking men, even if he’s hooked up.

Family pressure

Family pressure sometimes forces girls to take any man home. The consistent demands that the girl brings home a man compels the lady to secure any man whether married or divorced to calm the nagging family members. She can decide to be a side chick and appease her family.

The need for freedom

For some reason, a lot of women see excluding dating as “very caging”, so they’d rather not, and be free enough to date whoever they want to, and when they want to.


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