Soak your fingers in the mixture of garlic, olive oil and orange juice for 2 weeks and don’t forget to thank me

Most likely every one of us needs a basic and simple approach to stay healthy, well, it is currently conceivable with this basic and incredible recipe. The olive oil can truly make wonders, and this is a reality. It is known that the olive oil is useful for your hair and skin, so on account of that it is a piece of an incredible number of cosmetic items for hair and skin, at the same time, there is no compelling reason to purchase the same on the grounds that just the olive oil is extraordinary.

A young woman made this blend in which the nails grow in an astounding pace. After you attempt this blend, you will neglect the fake nails.

Necessary ingredients:

– Garlic
– Just a little of olive oil
– Fresh squeezed orange juice


– Step 1: Mash the garlic and let it stay in a pot with the squeezed orange
– Step 2: After you blend it well, plunge your nails in the blend and keep them for 10 minutes.
– Step 3: Put your fingers in olive oil for 15 minutes

Rehash this procedure twice every week and you will be astonished of the change.

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