Smart people will never sacrifice the following things for a relationship

6 things you must never sacrifice for a relationship

1. Yourself

You must never change who you are for someone else. Your partner should accept you for who you are. We all change and grow through our lives, so the right person should be willing to embrace who you are during any stage in your life. Compromises are essential in a relationship, but that does not mean you should change your personality or beliefs just to please your partner. If they can’t accept you this way, there is always someone who can.

2. Freedom

If you need to check in with your partner for anything you do, or if you feel guilty when meeting friends or family, there is something wrong about your partner’s confidence. Possessiveness shows insecurity, so even if your partner deserves your love and kindness, it does not give them the right to demand that you cut off every other relationship you have with people. Such controlling behavior is a sign they are not comfortable with themselves and this is an issue that needs to be resolved if you want to spend the rest of your life with this person.

3. Happiness

If your partner does not bring you more happiness, why are you with them? If your partner constantly makes you feel miserable, it is time to end the relationship. You should be with someone who will bring positivity and match your positive energy, not someone who will d rain you from the energy you have. Your partner cant always feel blissful and neither can you, but constantly being unable to find happiness for themselves or for you is a sign they should work on themselves, not your relationship.

4. Your dreams

A healthy relationship is between two people who have the same mission and the support each other all the way. Even if you have different dreams, you should encourage and support each other. However, if you don’t feel you have that from your partner, it is time to end the relationship. You don’t need someone who will dismiss or discourage your goals.

5. Your other relationships

You should never sacrifice your friendships or family relationships just because you are married or in a relationship. If your partner wants you to spend less time with these people, it is a sign of a possessive behavior which is never healthy or beneficial. Make sure your partner is understanding and confident enough to be comfortable with you spending time away from them from time to time.

6. Your spiritual/religious beliefs

Some people are willing to change their religion for their partner, but there is a difference whether they are doing that to please their partner or because they made the decision by themselves. Nobody is worth compromising your beliefs for, and your partner should enhance your spiritual life even if it is completely opposite from their own.

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