Sleeping On Your Left Side Is What You Should Make A Habit Of

Beyond question, the duration of sleep is significant for both physical and mental health. Lack of enough good sleeping hours may lead to serious health complications such as depression, weight gain, and even high blood pressure. Despite that those who manage to get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep may be upsetting their health by how they sleep. Supplementarily, one more important factor that is being illuminated in the quest for optimum, ideal health is the sleeping position. However, a little research reveals that sleeping on your left side may be the complimentary ticket to better health and restful sleep.

Here’re a few serious reasons why it is recommended to sleep on your left side. Correspondingly, sleeping on your left seems to be good for your digestion, back pains, heart health, and maybe some more. Specifically, these benefits arise due to the positions of the different organs while you’re sleeping by your left side. And of course, these facts have a deeper integration to none other but Ayurveda, a comprehensive approach to health and medicine that originated in India.

Well, up ahead will figure out the most significant 6 reasons and conceivable benefits that are backed by Science.

1. May Benefit Your Digestion
Are you one of those who constantly feel bloated or facing digestive issues? Indeed there could be numerous certain reasons causing these disorders. But one issue you might want to pick up on is your sleeping position at night.

The fundamental reasoning behind this goes like that. Well, your stomach and pancreas are on the left side of your body. So, if you’re sleeping on your left would certainly help them to function more productively. Likewise, at night when you go to sleep, the undigested toxicants migrate from your small intestine to the large one and then eventually make their way to your colon. And the next morning, they are eliminated from your body. This is why it is proffered that you should sleep by your left side as this will make this overall process function much more effortlessly.

2. Strengthens Your Lymphatic System

As per the Ayurveda, when you sleep at your left side; allows your body to better decontaminate lymph fluid and waste via the lymph nodes. As the left side of your body is significantly the supereminent lymphatic side. Even though research shows that sleeping on your left side can further aid your body to process the waste materials readily from the brain. On the contrary, sleeping on your right side can considerably fade the efficiency of your lymphatic system.

3. Good For Your Heart Health

Your heart is substantially located on the left side of your upper body. So, how come it makes sense that you should predominantly sleep on your left side rather than sleeping on your right? Let’s perceive this one! By sleeping on your left side, you subsequently allow for a more consistent blood flow towards your heart. Nonetheless, when you’re sleeping on your left side may help to take some pressure off the heart. Meanwhile, gravity can accelerate both lymph drainage toward as well as aortic propagation away from the heart.

4. May Aid To Taper Heartburn

When you sleep on your left side, it can help minimize the symptoms of acid reflux; published by a study in The Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology. And of course, this is significant because your stomach naturally hangs on the left side of your body. What’s even more? The effects are fairly instantaneous. If you’re among those who are heading for the rocks with heartburn, then you should try taking a short 10-minute nap by lying on your left after a meal. On the contrary, lying on the right side may antagonize your troubles.

5. May Give You Ease From Back Pain

If you’re suffering from chronic back pain, then switching to left-side sleeping may ease you from this discomfort. This is because, when you sleep on your left, substantially cut back the pressure off on your spine. Synchronically, giving you much comfort will optimize your chances of getting a calming sleep.

6. Can Release You From Snoring

Is snoring your partner at night for a long time? If yes, then there is no harm if you opt for sleeping on your left; right away the next time whenever you go to bed. Elementally, snoring occurs when air flows past the relaxed tissues in the throat. This airflow significantly causes the tissues in the throat to vibrate when you breathe. And this is when the sounds of snoring generate. The more narrow your air passage is, the more powerful the airflow becomes. And henceforth the louder your snoring sounds. This emanates as the muscles in the roof of your mouth, tongue, and throat begin to ease off.

What’s even poorer? Sleeping on your back makes snoring even worse as it propels your muscle to the back of your heart. Well, what happens when you sleep on your left side? You are essentially keeping your tongue and throat in a neutral position. This will in return keep your air passage clear and you can breathe effortlessly.

A Tiny Reminder

Well, all these fundamental reasons and benefits point towards that you should make a habit of starting sleeping on your left. However, it’s quite crucial to make a note of this as well. Those who are distressed from heart disease, glaucoma, and facing carpal tunnel syndrome, may not be profitable from side sleeping. Despite everything, if you’re pretty unsure about which position fits the best for your health condition, it’s always a good idea to refer to your medical professional. Though of course, here are the 6 possible benefits of sleeping on your left so that you can get that Good Night sleep.

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